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I love look #1 and #3 totally gives me the “Female Zorro” look… The hat in #4 is everything! Overall look #1 stole the show!

yeahhh, YSL definitely did nicely with this RTW collection

Yves Saint Laurent RTW Spring 2013: Favorite looks & Run-through

- Ok, let’s star with look #1. This Sheer black number Stole my heart the moment I saw it, but furthermore when I notice those Particularly familiar features and bone structure of one of my favorite models Liu Wen sporting this ensemble it truely sold the look for me. This look is cohesive with YSL’s western temptress theme but spices it up even further with this sultry black Lace and a pair of black leather gloves. In love! Go Lui Wen! <3


-Favorite Look #2 Goes to this Iridescent dress wrapped in this beautiful fabric that looks dipped into golden flakes. I love that it wasn’t overworked with excessive details but only featured puffed sleeves and a peeping key-hole covered in ruffles and paired with a simple leather belt and the signature piece of this collection- the western hat. This piece embodies simplicity and allows the unique fabric to shine (no pun intended lol) 

-Moving on to Favorite look #3 with it’s pairing of a dramatic black cape, beautifully crafted blouse and leather pant, all wrapped up in a big bow. This look gives of this femme fatale feel that’s pretty kick-ass if I say so myself lol. Sweet cheers for the Female-Zorro realness haha! <3

And Finally, Favorite look #4 The moment I saw this look I envisioned this being something I saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing in Sex in the City. Simple yet chic this ensemble consists of Sheer/Polka Dot blouse and simple black pant paired with a fringe cover up and hat. Sweet, simple, and straight-forward <3

Yves Saint Laurent RTW Spring 2013
Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2013 Ready to Wear

In LOVE with this collection and Ginta Lapina’s Madonna-esque Look along with Liu Wen’s Futurisic Geisha Look <3 <3 Fashion at its PRIME!


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